A word from The University President

 ​All praise is due to Allah Who is righteous by his grace and may peace and blessing be upon His messenger Muhammad and on all of his followers  and those who follow him in truth until the judgment day. Our new born university ,University of Taif, through this portal touches the doors of  Internet , thus serving students  through this trial broadcasting which aims to serve the university students in all that is related to the their  academic affairs , namely, registration , academic records , receivables finance and follow them up. In addition, this portal enables the students to contact directly with the staff members, as well as communicate with them the problems they might encounter. Moreover, faculty and staff members are able to access the site and get information about their academic and administrative affairs and so on. We look at this pilot phase to benefit from your comments and send them to the email listed on this page as a contribution in building this site in the best way when the actual launch starts, knowing that what is seen now is only 10% of what has been prepared. We ask Allah the Almighty to bless it and make it beneficial for all and reward those who supervise it the best reward.