Strategies for managing scientific societies

Strategies for managing scientific societies to achieve leadership and paradigm shift for scientific societies at Taif University

Availability of strong managerial will and conviction 1 
The TU higher authorities express their strong will of supporting the scientific societies at all levels.
 Qualified human Competencies
Building a distinguished team with diverse specializations and experiences from different colleges and sectors of the University
Keep pace with modernity
Applying modern technologies and applications in the work of the scientific societies to effectively achieve their goals.
Keeping pace with changes, meeting needs and interacting with events.      
Proper planning
Developing short and long-term achievable plans that are assessed via specific performance indicators. These  plans are to be developed with the participation of the team of the scientific societies, and adopts the suggestions and needs of colleges, supportive deanships and community.
Gradual progress 
Following strictly defined interim steps to implement plans and activities of the scientific societies, assessing what has been accomplished and linking the different stages according to a specific time frame.