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The training needs of all healthcare professionals must be addressed by the research endeavors of health professions educators. College of Medicine, Taif University has a determination to align the ever-changing health requirements of the society.
The department of Medical Education is carrying out evidence-based research in various domains of medical education such as educational continuum, instructional strategies, assessment and curriculum development, its implementation and reforms. By liaising with local and international centers of medical education research, the Department of Medical Education actively participates in the national and international events for the presentation of scholarly research work. The high levels of optimism and motivation are expected to meet the desired outcomes by effective dissemination of the research work which will benefit the students, faculty, medical program and the university. The Department is committed to publish its high-quality research work in high impact local and international journals to promote recognition and ranking of Taif University.
We aim to establish and consolidate national and international liaison with other departments of medical education and recently, we have initiated an agreement of Master Program in Medical Education with University of Chicago Illinois.