History of the College

The college was established by the decision of the Higher Education Council No. (6/43/1427) at its forty-third session on 10/5/1427 H, and the supreme approval No. (6204 / MB) on 18/8/1427 H. The literary departments of the College of Education were separated by the executive decision of HE Director of the University No. (3468) on 17/9/1427 H.
The college includes Arabic Language Department, Department of Foreign Languages, Department of Sharia and Islamic Studies and the Department of Readings. The official date of commencement of study in these departments was 1426 H.

The teachers and girls' colleges were affiliated to the university according to the supreme approval No. 3030 / MB on 23/3/1428 AH, which was restructured by the supreme approval No. 10209 / MB on 30/12/1429 H. The educational departments were merged with similar departments at the College of Education, the literary departments with the College of Arts which was separated from the Faculty of Sharia and became the College of Arts and included three departments: Arabic Language, Foreign Languages ​​and History departments.

The Department of Information and Communication Sciences was established in 1437H. In addition, the Arabic Language Teaching Unit for Nonnative Speakers was established in 1440 H by a decision of the University Council. A committee was established to supervise the unit chaired by the Dean of the College Dr. Naif Al-Buraq. The unit now has 60 students of different nationalities.

The Department of Psychology was affiliated to the College of Arts in 1439 AH by a decision of His Excellency the Rector and began to receive students from the beginning of the first semester of the academic year 1439-1440 AH.

The College currently includes five departments: Arabic Language Department, Foreign Languages ​​Department, History Department, Media and Communication Sciences Department and Psychology Department.