Dean's Word

Hello all . I salute you with the greeting of Islam. Greetings from God, good blessing. Peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings.
In our modern world. Computers and information technology are at the top of the hierarchy of human interest. They have shortened time, shortened distances and transformed societies into advanced or backward ones. The lifestyle on this planet has changed markedly, and the information possesses the elements of power and control factors in a competitive world based on information in everything.
These technologies have invaded our lives and have left no house, no house and no land, but the entrance without permission. We have entered into the digital age and are expanding the scope of virtual societies, in which human beings are transformed into virtual digital objects that travel through multiple worlds, live on the Internet and communicate with each other throughout the world. We entered the age of knowledge after we passed the information age and became required to create, publish, manage and invest in knowledge to improve our standard of living and the quality of our lives in a sustainable manner. This is the burden borne by the college of computers and information technology on its own, as the rapid scientific and technical progress leaves no room for sluggishness or slowing down, otherwise it was out of time.
We at the college of computers and infromation technology is working on upgrading the college to be a shining lesson on the forehead of Taif University as a fulfillment of the continuous support it receives from the university administration. We are keen to provide graduates who are proud of the university qualified according to the international academic standards that meet the needs of the community and the spirit of the times and are able to compete in their field and are able to contribute to the comprehensive development and cultural development of society in one of the most advanced fields of science and the most important impact in our lives. Creating a promising research environment that will contribute to raising the name of Taif University in international scientific forums.
We are keen in the college of computers and information technology to offer competitive academic programs and obtained international accreditation for our bachelor’s programs in the Department of Computer Engineering and the Department of Computer Science.  We also work to improve the skills of our students before graduation through field training and through partnership with the houses of expertise Specialized in our area such as Cisco via an active program. We actively participate in many student activities in sports, scientific, academic, social and cultural journals.