Program Learning Outcomes of BDS Program

Program Learning Outcomes of BDS Program


  1. Describe the integrated learning of basic and biomedical sciences.
  2. Describe the concepts of behavioral and clinical sciences
  3. Recognize evidence-based dentistry and problem-solving principles clinical sciences for the provision of standard oral health care.
  4. Recognize the fundamental elements of dental practice management.


  1. Interpret obtained patient information and diagnostic measures to effectively manage patient concern.
  2. Apply the principles of Islamic ethics and moral values in dental education and patient care.
  3. Evaluate the outcomes of treatment, recall strategies, and prognosis.
  4. Recognize the complexity of patient treatment and need for referral.
  5. Perform the diagnostic, prophylactic and therapeutic dental procedures for clinical management of the patient.
  6. Employ standard method of infection control, patient safety and dental ergonomics.
  7. Deliver oral health promotion services for preventive dental care in community setting.
  8. Manage effectively emergency situations within the scope of general dentistry
  9. Provide oral health care for all age groups considering the unique need of geriatric, special need and medically compromised patients
  10. Apply critical thinking skills in dental education, research and patient care.
  11. Demonstrate effective oral, written and non-verbal communication skills at workplace.


  1. Demonstrate the concept of self-assessment and lifelong learning.
  2. Demonstrate Professionalism, effective teamwork and leadership qualities at workplace.