Physics department researches 2018


List of Physics department published researches in 2018

1- Zkria, F Abdel-Wahab, Y Katamune, T Yoshitake, Optical and structural characterization of ultrananocrystalline diamond/hydrogenated amorphous carbon composite films deposited via coaxial arc plasma A Current Applied Physics (2019).

2- Badawi, A., Tunable energy band gap of Pb1-xCoxS quantum dots for optoelectronic applications. Superlattices and Microstructures, 2019. 125: p. 237-246.

3- F Abdel-Wahab, IM Ashraf, SE Alomairy, Optical parameters of Ge15Sb5Se80 and Ge15Sb5Te80 from ellipsometric measurements, Physica B: Condensed Matter 530 (2018) 300-306

4- Ali Badawi, Nasser Y Mostafa, Najm M Al-Hosiny, Amar Merazga, Ateyyah M Albaradi, F Abdel-Wahab, AA Atta, The photovoltaic performance of Ag2S quantum dots-sensitized solar cells using plasmonic Au nanoparticles/TiO2 working electrodes, Modern Physics Letters B 32 (2018) 1850172

5- EM Ahmed, NA El‐Ghamaz, F Abdel‐Wahab,  Structural, Thermal, Electrical, and Negative Resistance Properties of (Se60Te40)xTl(100−x) Chalcogenide Glasses, , physica status solidi (a) 215 (2018) 1700666

6- AA Montaser, F Abdel-Wahab, Spectroscopic ellipsometry investigations of Cd-Se thin film electrochemically prepared, Optik 178 (2019) 1270-1275

7- F Abdel-Wahab, IM Ashraf, AA Montaser, Spectroscopic ellipsometry study of TlGaSeS layered crystal, Optik 178 (2019) 813-820.

8- Zuhair F. Shehadeh and Reham M. Al-Shawaf,"Analyses of -nucleus elastic scattering data at and using a suggested scaling method", Revista Mexicana de Fisica 64 (2018) 314-325.  

9- Mouhammad, S.A., Evaluation of the  aerodynamic improvement of the  key elements of gas turbine units in the nameplate data and conditions of use. JP Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 2018. 5(3): p. 769-775.

10- Magomed A. Chakhkiev, G.S.S., Manya A. Ziroyan, Nikolay P. and S.A. Mouhammad, Integral equation for the number of integer points in a circle. italian journal of pure and applied mathematics, 2018. 41(1).

11- Mostafa, N.Y., A. Badawi, and S.I. Ahmed, Influence of Cu and Ag doping on structure and optical properties of In2O3 thin film prepared by spray pyrolysis. Results in Physics, 2018. 10: p. 126-131.

12- Badawi, A., et al., Tailoring the energy band gap of alloyed Pb1−xZnxS quantum dots for photovoltaic applications. Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics, 2018. 29(24): p. 20914-20922.

13- Al-Baradi, A.M., et al., A study of optical, mechanical and electrical properties of poly(methacrylic acid)/TiO2 nanocomposite. Results in Physics, 2018. 9: p. 879-885.