Mathematics and statistics department researches 2018

List of publications in 2018

  1. S. Abo-Dahab, Reflection of generalized magneto-thermoelastic waves with two temperatures under influence of thermal shock and initial stress, Journal of Heat Transfer 140(10), 102005 (Jun 08, 2018) (8 pages).                                                                                                                              
  2. S. Abo-Dahab, Siddhartha Biswas, P, T and SV wave propagation at the interface between solid-liquid media with magnetic field and initial stress in the context of three-phase-lag model, Mechanics of Advanced Materials and Structures (2018).                                                                             
  3. A. M. Abd-Alla, S. Abo-Dahab, S. M. Ahmad, M. Rashed, Rayleigh Surface Wave Propagation in an Orthotropic Rotating Magneto- thermo-elastic Medium Subjected to Gravity  and Initial Stress, Mechanics of Advanced Materials and Structures (2018).                                                         
  4. Siddhartha Biswas, S. Abo-Dahab, Effect of phase-lags on Rayleigh wave propagation in initially stressed magneto-thermoelastic orthotropic medium, Applied Mathematical Modelling 59 (2018) 713–727.                                                                                                                                               
  5. S. Abo-Dahab, Emad E. Mahmoud, Problem of p- and SV-waves reflection and transmission during two media under three thermoelastic theories and electromagnetic field with and without gravity, Waves in Random and Complex Media (2018).                                                                                        
  6. A. M. Abd-Alla, S. Abo-Dahab, S. M. Ahmad, M. Rashed, Effect of Magnetic field on Wave Propagation of a Thermoelastic Half-Space of a Homogeneous Isotropic Material, Physical Mesomechanics (2018).                                                                                                                                 
  7. S. Abo-Dahab, Adnan Jahangir, Abo-el-Nour N. Abd-Alla, Reflection of plane waves in thermoelastic microstructured materials under the influence of gravitation, Continuum Mechanics and Thermodynamics (2018).                                                                                                      
  8. S. Abo-Dahab, Adnan Jahangir, Nazeer Muhammad, Shabieh Farwa, Yasir Bashir, Muhammad Usman, Propagation phenomena in a visco-thermo-micropolar elastic medium under the effect of micro-temperature, Results in Physics 8 (2018) 793–798
  9. S. Abo-Dahab, M. N. M. Allam, M. Abdel-Aty, Reflection and refraction of incident p-, T- and SV-waves at interface between magnetized two solid-liquid media with heat sources and initial stress with and without thermal relaxations times, Journal of Thermal Stresses (2018).                                        
  10. S. Abo-Dahab, A. M. Abd-Alla, M. Elsagheer, A. A. Kilany, Effect of rotation and gravity on the reflection of P-waves from thermo- magnetomicrostretch medium in the context of three phase lag model with initial stress, Microsystem Technologies 24 (2018) 3357-3369.,  
  11. A. S. Abouelregal, S. Abo-Dahab, A two-dimensional problem of a mode I crack in a rotating fibre-reinforced isotropic thermoelastic medium under Dual Phase Lags model, Sadhana, 43(1) (2018) 1-11.  
  12. S. Abo-Dahab, Ahmed E. Abouelregal, On a two-dimensional problem in thermoelasticity half-space with microstructure subjected to a uniform thermal shock, Physics Waves Phemomena (2018).   
  13. S. Abo-Dahab, R. A. Mohamed, S. Z. Rida, A. A. Kilany, Rotation, initial stress, gravity and electromagnetic field effect on P wave reflection from stress-free surface elastic half-space with voids under three thermoelastic models, Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering 22(1),  313–328 (2018).
  14. S. Abo-Dahab, Generalized Thermoelasticity with Diffusion and Voids Under Rotation, Gravity and Electromagnetic Field in the Context of Four Theories, Appl. Mathematics and Information Science, 12(6) 1-19 (2018). 
  15. S. Abo-Dahab, Emad E. Mahmoud, Problem of longitudinal and secondary vertically waves reflection and transmission during two media in the context of three magneto-thermoelastic theories with varies fields, Appl. Mathematics and Information Science 12, No. 5, 955-965 (2018).
  16. Mohamed Othman, S. Abo-Dahab, Haneen Alosaimi, The effect of gravity and inclined load in micropolar thermoelastic medium possessing cubic symmetry unde G-N theory, Journal of Ocean Engineering and Science 3, 288–294 (2018).
  17. Rajneesh Kumar, Shaloo Devi, S. Abo-Dahab,  Stoneley waves at the boundary surface of modified couple stress generalized thermoelastic with mass diffusion, Journal of Applied Science and Engineering, 21(1) (2008) 1-8. 
  18. Kh. Lotfy, S. Abo-Dahab , A. D. Hobiny, Plane waves on a gravitational rotating fibre-reinforced thermoelastic medium with thermal shock problem, Journal of Advanced Physics 7 (2018) 58–69.
  19. Rajneesh Kumar, Richa Vohra, S. Abo-Dahab,  Rayleigh waves in thermo elastic medium with double porosity, MOJ Civil Engineering, 4(3) (2018) 143-148.
  20. Rajneesh Kumar, Richa Vohra, S. Abo-Dahab,  Rayleigh waves in elastic medium with double porosity, Mediterranean Journal of Modeling and Simulation 9 (2018) 1-12.
  21. A. I. Anya, M.W. Akhtar, S. Abo-Dahab , Hajra Kaneez, Aftab Khan, Adnan Jahangir, Effects of a magnetic field and initial stress on reflection of SV-waves at a free surface with voids under gravity, Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Materials. 2018; 20180002.
  22.  Y. S. Hamed, M. R. Alharthi   and H. K. AlKhathami, Nonlinear vibration behavior and resonance of a Cartesian manipulator system carrying an intermediate end effector. Nonlinear Dynamics, 2018. 91: 1429–1442
  23. Y. S. Hamed, M. Sayed and A. A. AlShehri, Active vibration suppression of a nonlinear electromechanical oscillator system with simultaneous resonance. Journal of Vibroengineering, 2018.  20: 42-61
  24. Khaled A Gepreel, Taher A Nofal , Explicit traveling wave solutions for nonlinear differential difference equations in mathematical physics. International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, 2018.13(5): 3034-3042.
  25.  A. A. Al-Shawba, K. A. Gepreel, F. A. Abdullah, A. Azmi, Abundant Closed Form Solutions of the Conformable Time Fractional Sawada-Kotera-Ito Equation Using (G'/G) - Expansion Method. J.  Results in Physics, 2018. 9: 337–343.
  26. Khaled A Gepreel, Taher A Nofal and AMERA O.ALASMARI, Traveling wave solutions for Nonlinear Kawahara Partial Differential Equation Using Extended Trial Equation Method. International journal of computer Mathematics, 2018
  27. Khaled A Gepreel, Taher A Nofal, Abundant Solutions with Distinct Physical Structure for Nonlinear Integro and Partial Differential Equations. International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, 2018. 13 (7): 5332-5345.
  28. A. A. Al-Shawba, K. A. Gepreel, F. A. Abdullah, A. Azmi, Solitary and Periodic Wave Solutions of the Higher Dimensional Conformable Time-Fractional Differential Equations Using the (G'/G,1/G) -Expansion Method. Advanced Difference Equations,  2018.: 362.
  29. Ozkan Guner, S.K. Elagan, Khaled A. Gepreel, Laplace transform method for solving time fractional partial differential equation. Computational Methods for Differential Equations,2019.Accepted for publication.
  30.  Mohamed S. Mohamed, Numerical Solutions of Nonlinear Fractional Fornberg-Whitham Equation by an Accurate Technique, International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER), 13(4)(2018):   2038-2045.
  31.   A. El-Sayed Ahmed and S. Omran,  Extreme Points and Some Quaternion Valued Functions in the Unit Ball of R3, Advances in Applied Clifford Algebras, 2018,  28 (1), 31
  32. A. El-Sayed Ahmed and M. Omran, Classes  of weighted Tent function spaces of mixed norms with some applications, International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, to appear 2019
  33.  M Salama, M. Higazy, S. Omran, Algebraic Topological Approach for Grid generation of certain manifolds,  Int. J. Apll. Eng. Res.  13(8)(2018), 6225-6233.
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  40. M. I. A. Othman and A. M. S. Mahdy, Numerical Studies for Solving a Free Convection Boundary–Layer Flow Over a Vertical Plate. Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering, 2018. Volume 22(1): 41-48.
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  42. Emad E. Mahmoud, S. M. Abo-Dahab  Dynamical properties and complex anti synchronization with applications to secure communications for a novel chaotic complex nonlinear model. Chaos, Solitons and Fractals. Vol. 106 (2018) 273-284.
  43. Emad E. Mahmoud,  Kholod M. Abualnaja and Ohood A. Althagafi, High dimensional, four positive Lyapunov exponents and attractors with four scroll during a new hyperchaotic complex nonlinear model, AIP Advances Vol. 8 (2018), 065018; doi: 0.1063/1.5030120
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  46. Vertically Waves Reflection and Transmission during Two Media in the Context of Three Magneto-thermoelastic Theories with Varies Fields.
  47. Emad E. Mahmoud,  Fatimah S. Abood, A general formula of comple synchronizations with complex scaling diagonal matrix and time lag. Results in Physics 12 (2019) 603–614.
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