Currently, computer Engineering Department provides only a bachelor's degree in computer engineering. Computer Engineering Program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET,

The study in the program is on campus except for these courses which taught in girls campus by male professors. the study includes theoritical and Lab classes for both girls and boys campus.

Student Admission in CE Program

Requirements for admission to Taif University are available at ( ), an online resource managed by the deanship of admission and registration, designed to help students and their families learn about TU, select a program and a campus, search for information and regulations, and apply for admission.

An applicant for admission to an undergraduate program at TU must satisfy a number of requirements, including:

  1. The student must possess a Saudi high school certificate, or its foreign equivalent.

  2. The student must be a Saudi citizen at the time of application, or an immediate Saudi matrilineal descendent or a foreigner who has a valid residence at the time of applying to the university.

  3. The student must not have obtained a high school diploma or its equivalent for more than five years, and the University Council or whomever it delegates may make an exception to this condition.

  4. The student must successfully pass any test or personal interview determined by the University Council or its authorized representative.

  5. The student should be medically fit.

  6. The student must obtain the approval of his reference to devote himself to studying.

  7. The student should fulfill any other conditions determined by the University Council or its authorized representative and announced at the time of submission.

  8. The student must not have been dismissed from the university or from any other university for a disciplinary dismissal, and the president of the university or his authorized representative may make an exception from this condition.

  9. The student should not be a regular at another university inside or outside the Kingdom.

  10. The student does not have the degree to be applied for

  11. The student should not be accepted for two academic degrees at the same time.

  12. The differentiation is between applicants who meet the requirements according to their grades (30% for students grades in the school, 30% for verbal exam and 40% for quantitative exam) in the high school test or its equivalent, the personal interview, and the admission tests, if any. Please visit the link for more information.


Graduation Requirements:

The degree that the Department of Computer Engineering offers is the Bachelor of Computer Engineering. Students may not graduate until all degree requirements have been fulfilled and certified by the Registration office. The EREG tool monitors the students' progress towards completing program requirements and academic advisor provides guidelines for completing program requirements. Students must follow the rules and regulations of the University, and they must successfully complete each course in the curriculum to receive a degree.

There are several processes in place to ensure that students are aware of all graduation requirements, students can appropriately plan for a timely graduation and understand what requirements still remain, and the registration office verifies fulfillment prior to graduation:

  • Before the last semester, the EREG tool alerts all the students near graduation (who has remaining credit hours 18 or less). Note that students can run an unofficial transcript at any point. This transcript is formatted to make clear what graduation requirements are complete and which remain.
  • Academic advisor advises students to take necessary courses for graduation.
  • After successfully completing the required courses to graduate, students must fill out a graduation “application” and take clearance from all the necessary departments.
  • Finally, registration office verifies all the requirements to offer a degree.

Based on Taif University policy, to be eligible to file an application for graduation in Computer Engineering a student must have:

  • Completed 160 or more credit hours with a minimum grade point average of 1.75

The Computer Engineering degree requirements consist of:

  • 30 credit hours of mathematics (501215-3 Discrete Structures is included)

  • 13 credit hours of natural sciences

  • 08 credit hours of English (University Requirements)

  • 18 credit hours of Islamic Studies and common courses (University Requirements)

  • 82 credit hours of Computer Engineering required major courses

  • 9 credit hours of Computer Engineering elective courses

* Attached CE program Catalog