MSc Data Science

Program Name

Master of Science in Data Science


Program Description

The data science programs prepare graduates to be capable of providing visualization of data, data mining and information management. Graduates should have experience in infrastructure design, cloud computing and data storage. This will make the graduate nationally competitive competencies.

The program of data science will provide graduates able to mitigate risk and fraud. Graduates will be trained to identify data that emerges in some way. They will be create statistical methodologies, networks, paths and large data methodologies for fraudulent prediction models and use these in construction to alerts that help ensure timely response when identifying unusual data. This means that the graduates will be able to contribute to the production of knowledge and its transformation into an engine for development. Also, they will be able to protect this knowledge.

 The program will train the graduates to capture the pattern of different people and different products and this will help the organizations to understand the needs of their customers, customer's personal experiences. This knowledge will empower the ability of sales and marketing teams to understand their audience at a very wide level. This again insure the role of the programs to give the graduates the ability to contribute to the production of knowledge and its transformation into an engine for development.


Total Credit Hours for Completing the Program



Professional Occupations/Jobs

The program prepares students to be a profession as:

  • Data Analyst.
  • Big Data Analyst.
  • Business Analyst.
  • Data Scientist.

Program Mission

To prepare graduates with the specialist knowledge, technical skills and values required by a data scientist
to solve data-intensive problems.

Program Goals

  1. Prepare the students to work as Data Science specialists in various companies and government agencies.
  2. Develop Knowledge in data science through the analysis, design and evaluation of data science techniques.
  3. Enable students to evaluate data intensive systems.
  4. Prepare the students to engage in lifelong learning activities within a professional, legal and ethical framework.


Program Learning Outcomes



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The admission requirements specific for the Master of Cyber Security program are available here.

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