Cooperation between the Deanship of Graduate Studies and its counterparts in Saudi universities

date of publication : 2018-12-23

Within the framework of cooperation between Saudi universities and in order to benefit from the prestigious universities, we are honored to visit both of King Abdulaziz University and King Saud University.
The visit, in addition to the Deanship of Graduate Studies, included the Department of Training and Scholarship, and Grants Affairs.
We thank colleagues in the two universities for their warm reception and for the information which, if Allah willing, will have a significant impact on the development of these fields at Taif University.
Thanks to colleagues Dr. Saud Al-Salami, Dean of Graduate Studies at King Abdulaziz University, colleagues and agents of the Deanship and its staff.
I also thank Prof. Adel Al-Hadlak, Dean of Graduate Studies at King Saud University and colleagues in the Department of Training, Scholarships and Grant Affairs.