KFUPM Visit by the Dean of Graduate Studies for Promotion of Graduate Programs

date of publication : 2018-12-23

Within the framework of cooperation between Saudi universities and in order to benefit from the prestigious universities in postgraduate studies, we are honored to visit King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals on 18-3-1440, 26/11/2018
The visit, in addition to the Deanship of Graduate Studies, included the Department of Training and Scholarship, and Scholarship Management Unit.
I would like to thank the Dean of Graduate Studies, Prof. Dr. Salam, for his warm reception and for the information which, Allah willing, will have a great impact on the development of these fields at Taif University. We also thank the Dean of Admission and Registration and the Vice Dean of Graduate Studies at the University of Petroleum who made the visit from the reception at the airport to its end a successful event.
KFUPM is a leading university with all its meaning.