Approval Processes for Agreements

• The agreements should be linked to the themes and objectives of the Kingdom's Vision 2030 (a vibrant society - a thriving economy - an ambitious homeland)

• Agreements should be linked to the University's strategic objectives

• The objectives and outputs of the agreements should be clear and the application form should be filled out on the Deanship website

• The agreements have a measurable impact on Taif University and society

• Taif Univeristy  encourages collaboration agreements that serve several scientific fields, so that several faculties benefit from the agreement concluded (e.g.,  agreements to support and sponsor research products and convert them into commercial products in the fields of  Biological and Chemical Engineering)

• Collaboration requests should be initiated with a globally accredited entity, with a distinct position in its field

• The proposed agreements should not put Taif University under huge financial commitments 

•  Priority of collaborations is given to innovation that could be of finanical benefits to  Taif University 

Preparation / Dean of the Deanship of International Cooperation