Senior Projects

Student Projects

1)      Design and Implementation of a Real-Time Smart Home Automation System Based on Microcontroller and LabVIEW Platform

2)      Design and Performance Analysis of an Ultra-wideband Antenna with Super-wideband Characteristics

3)      Design and Implementation Of DC Motor and Utilizing Artificial Intelligence to Solve Challenges Problems in Biology

4)      Design and implementation of smart hybrid renewable energy for water pump

5)      Optimal Sizing, Design and Cost of 11kv Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Inverter (CHB-MLI) Based on Precise Power Loss Evaluation

6)      Power Transformer fault diagnosis based on DAG Approach

7)      Transformer-less inverters PV systems for standalone loads with maximum power achievement

8)      DC Smart Building System with the Application of Photovoltaic Solar Cells

9)      Combined Economic Emission Dispatch Considering Solar and Wind Power Cost Functions

10)  Electrical Power Generation Using Speed Breaker Mechanism

11)  Voltage and reactive power control in interconnected power systems

12)   Electrical Fault Detection for Photovoltaic Farms