Organizational Structure

Organizational structure of the Electrical Engineering Department.




Role and Responsibility

Program Accreditation Committee (PAC)

Dr. Mohamed AL-Sharef   (Chair )

  • Review the curriculum of the program in a regular basis to ensure that it’s up to date with the latest development.
  • Organize and guide all tasks related to international and national accreditations


Prof. Dr. Kamel A. Shoush

Dr. Saleh Ibrahim

Dr. Yasser Mohamed Alharbi

Dr. Nagy Elkalashy

Dr. A. M. Abbas

Dr. Sheref Ghoneim

Dr. Salaheldin Kamal Elsayed

Dr. Ashraf El-Marakby

Students Affairs and Industry Relationship Committee (SAIRC)

Dr. Mohamed Gamal  (Chair )

·       Study and solve the problems of students.

·       Solicit feedback from the students about various issues and assist in developing appropriate solutions.

·       Organize the discussions related to the review process of the Program Educational Objectives

·       Develop relationships with the industry for the benefits of students.

·       Advise students regarding their career.

Dr. Mohamed K. Metwally

Dr. Fahad Ali Albalwi









Role and Responsibility

Assessment and Continuous Improvement Committee (ACIC)


Dr. Saleh Ibrahim (Chair )

  • Analyze all collected data regarding the continuous improvement process and assess the attainment of program objectives and student outcomes based on course assessment folders produces each semester and surveys results.


Dr. Ehab E. Elattar

Dr. I. B. Taha

Dr. Basem Rashid Alamri

Dr. Mohamed S. Soliman

Dr. Bander Mahfouz Saman

Dr. E. M. Hendawi

Dr. T. A. Farrag

Senior Projects

Committee (SPC)

Prof. Dr. Kamel A. Shoush (Chair)

·       Manage graduation projects in-cooperation with project supervisors.

·       Define standards, constraints and metrics to be followed.

Dr. Mahrous E. El-Samman

Dr. Habti Abeida

Amru Masoud Alqurashi

Academic Advisory committee (AAC)

Dr. Fahad Althowibi (Chair)

·       Help and solve any problem raised with any academic advisor regarding the students' academic career, and personal problems.

·       Monitor the GPA of students and violation of courses prerequisites in coordination with the academic advisors.

Dr. Ayman Hob Allah

Dr. Yaser Abd Elsalam

Committee (LC)


Dr. Mahrous E. El-Samman (Chair)


·       Upgrading of lab facilities and/or actions related to lab equipment.

·       Follow up on applications of safety procedures and on improvement actions related to Labs.

·       Management of equipment maintenance processes

Dr. Ahmed El-Thobaiti


Eng. Mosa Al-Gehni


Eng. Torki Sendi


Working committees in the Electrical Engineering department Role and Responsibility