Exhibition for the reception of new students for the academic year 1441/1440

date of publication : 2019-09-15

The Moderation and Intellectual Security Unit held an exhibition to receive new students for the academic year 1440/1441 in the gymnasium of the Deanship of Student Affairs.
The exhibition included the definition of unity and review the vision towards a safe and intellectually sound and conscious university and community environment. And the community of intellectual deviations, and the fight against extremism and extremism in various ways, and activate the role of all in the dissemination of intellectual awareness, and the values ​​of mediation and moderation, and to work partnerships with government and civil sectors to build a national project to protect the homeland.
Introducing the unit's tasks to raise the awareness of the university community about the danger of deviant intellectual trends, through the preparation of programs that achieve the objectives of moderation and intellectual security, and to coordinate between the university and government agencies to achieve moderation and moderation.
The students were also briefed on the visual presentations (PowerPoint and Motion Graphic) and a review of all programs and events in the unit, and a number of brochures were distributed to new students.
The exhibition has been well received