Academic Follow-up Unit


1. General supervision of lecture rooms and buildings in the university  with regard to maintenance, development requirements and general appearance of the buildings. This is done in collaboration with the authorities in charge.

2.Deal with any problem facing academic process whether it has to do with equipments, illustrations or learning environment in general. This is done through collaboration with the departments concerned.

3.Creation of day-long support centers in all the campuses of the university( male and female).

4. Prepaeration of daily and weekly reports about the buildings and about how the academic process is going on in the university.

5.Facilitate the process of reserving the halls by developing a computerized system to help with the management of the halls.

6. Creation of templates and any necessary administrative measurements that guarantee  smooth flow of academic process and ensure the presence of educational equipments as well as maintaining atmosphere conducive to learning process. The templates are to be used to make sure that the lecture halls are well equipped and ready for the learning process.

7.Creation of a computerized program that will help beneficiaries to automatically process and follow-up their applications, and to link this system to the networks of the present systems of the university and its applications.

 Staff Members:   

1.Naif faisal Al-Thiyabi

 2. Ali Rasheed