About Department


The Department of Mechanical Engineering at Taif University was established with the College of Engineering in the year 2006.  The study in the Department of Mechanical Engineering Program began in the first semester of 1429-1430 H (2008/2009).  Up till now, the Mechanical Engineering Department has only one program, Mechanical Engineering Program, and it's planned in the next academic year 2018-2019 to start another program, Industrial Engineering Program.  In the current academic year, 2017 – 2018, there are 23 members of academic staff in the department, supported by team of administration and technical to serve more than 295 undergraduate students.

The range of our undergraduate program covers all areas of mechanical engineering with particular focus on the specialized needs of industries.  It is our aim to prepare our students to excel in all important areas of profession, such as design systems, power generation, water desalination, air-conditioning, manufacturing, CAD/CAM, mechatronics among others.  There is also an opportunity and potential to enhance these areas of profession with courses according to market demands. These demands are met in the form of excellent selected elective courses to adapt with the requirements of particular areas of industrial applications.  As a result, our students can find rewarding jobs in various engineering plants in large, medium, and small scale companies of the private sector, as well as positions in power plants, water resources management, oil and petrochemical refineries, of the public sector.  We have a commitment to provide our undergraduates with best knowledge.  Therefore, they are guided throughout their courses by personal tutors and are taught by experienced and dedicated faculty.  

In Mechanical Engineering Program, it is our primary mission to provide outstanding mechanical engineering program in education, research, and community service to meet the needs of the Saudi society and the region.  We strive to improve our undergraduate program, in order to bring our students up to the state of art in the development of engineering industry and career.  Also, our vision in Mechanical Engineering Program is to achieve distinction, integrity and excellence measures in all our activities. We are dedicated to provide a truly outstanding education opportunity through a proper balance of high quality undergraduate and research activities. Moreover, our objectives include continuously upgrading teaching laboratories and workshops, enhancing the quality and reputation of our educational activities, so that we become nationally and internationally known for partnerships with government agencies and industries and other institutions of learning.