Media Center

Center Description:
The media center is linked to the general supervisor of public relations and media, and aims to enhance the positive mental image of the university by highlighting its activities and services. With news and reliable information about Taif University and its most important developments.
The main tasks of the media center include preparing and implementing strategic communication plans and comprehensive media coverage of the main news of Taif University of qualitative importance.

  Media Center Objectives:
 1- Highlighting the university’s role in achieving the vision and mission through its various programmes, activities, events, and services.

2- Enhancing communication between the university, society, public and private institutions, including the various media, and promoting a positive mental image of the university.
3- - Disseminate the vision and mission of the university through various means.
4- Building relationships with the media and its employees, and building bridges of communication with them to achieve the university's goals.
5- Introducing the university and its services and activities and documenting its achievements.
6- To highlight the university as one of the distinguished destinations in the educational, social and cultural fields.
7- Introducing the community and its external segments to the university's achievements and gaining their trust.
8- Informing the public of the university’s news that reflects its true image.
9- Presence of the university in the media in local and electronic newspapers in periods that reflect the volume of work and effort expended in the activities, programs and events of the university.
10- The media presence in the means of communication on the Internet around the clock.
 11- Building bridges of partnerships and media cooperation with specialized media agencies.
12 - Creating a positive relationship based on trust and mutual respect between the members of the educational organization and the community in a way that helps achieve the goals of the Ministry of Education.
13- Strengthening the national identity and loyalty of the university’s male and female employees.
Media Center Duties:
1- Media documentation of all university activities and events
2- Highlighting the university's role in the media.
3- Coordination and preparation with media agencies that wish to conduct media interviews and document programs within the university.
4- Supervising the design and advertising work for the university's services and activities.
5- Providing the community with correct news, sound information and established facts about the issues on which the university is working on issues, achievements, investigations or reports aimed at forming a correct public opinion towards the university, in addition to a periodic and continuous broadcasting and publishing of all news, events, topics, miscellaneous and public opinions, whether in a modern and appropriate way for the public On a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis

6- Researching and investigating news, achievements and issues of interest to the university and highlighting them in a way that enhances the positive role.
7- Preparing media reports for press and visual publication
8 - Media coverage of university events and events.
9- Publishing articles, news, coverage and achievements in various media outlets.
10- General supervision of social media on the Internet.
11- Developing the human cadres working in the media center by attending courses and seminars.
12- Investigate all that is published in the university in all the media, positive or negative
13- Technically supervising the production of audio and visual aids.
14- Receiving and responding to press inquiries
15- Holding press conferences.
17- Preparing and implementing targeted media campaigns.

 Works supervised by the media center:-
University website:
Feeding news, archiving and publishing articles, interviews, achievements, photos, and audio-visual coverage.
 Social Media :
Media nutrition in publishing links to university news, achievements and events through social networking sites on the Internet, and includes the following:

 Official local and electronic newspapers:
Communicating with journalists in the official local newspapers by publishing news and achievements that reflect the efforts exerted at the university and presenting its message to the community.