ِCollege Administration

The Dean: Dr. Mohamed Hassan Al-Assiri

Specialization: Law

Email: m.alasere@tu.edu.sa

Phone:  (012)7272020, ext: 2080

Location: Building 24 - Male Section

Vice-Dean for Support Services: Dr. Sabah Mohammed Alzahrani

Specialization: Computer and Information Systems Engineering

Email: sa.sabah@tu.edu.sa

Location: Female Section

Vice-Dean: Dr. Entesar Saleh Alhalabi

Specialization: Housing and Home Management

Email: eshalabi@tu.edu.sa

Phone: (012)  7272020 , Ext.: 3620

Location: Building 10 Female Section

Chair of Business Applications Department: Dr. Khalil Awad Alruwaitee

Specialization: Finance and Investment

Email: k.gamith@tu.edu.sa

Location Buliding 24 - Male Section

Chair of Technology Department: Dr. Fahad Mohammed Alhomayani

Specialization: Computer Engineering

Email: fahad@tu.edu.sa

Location Buliding 24 - Male Section

College Administration Director: a. Bandar Awad Al-Harthy

Location: building 24 -Male Section