Psychological counseling skills at the University College in Khurma

Date : 2022-03-29 Time : 12:30:00
place : اون لاين

On Tuesday, corresponding to 26/8/1443 AH, the University College in Khurma, represented by the Early Childhood Department, held a course in “Psychological Counseling Skills” as part of the activities of the accredited college initiative to develop the performance of faculty and students in line with global developments. The course was presented by Dr. Hanan Mohamed Kamel Al-Marazki, Assistant Professor, Department of Early Childhood. The course aimed to introduce the concept of psychological counseling and its different levels, forms and methods. The course also dealt with the most important psychological counseling skills in general. The most important applications of psychology theories in counseling were also reviewed. At the end of the session, Opening the discussion and inquiries  for the session by the attendees.