Flowers and Ornamental Plants Exhibition in the Female Section

Date : 2022-03-30 Time : 12:00:00
place : شطر الطالبات

On Wednesday, 27/8/1443 AH, at 10 am, the University College in Khurma (Female Section), represented by the Student Activities Unit, held a seminar and exhibition on “Flowers and Ornamental Plants” in coordination with one of the sectarian rose farms and the Environment, Agriculture and Water Branch in Khurma.

    the symposium and exhibition was  presented by the  college students under the supervision of Dr. Naima Al-Nour Siddiq, Deputy Head of the Chemistry Department. The symposium and exhibition aimed to spread the culture of producing and breeding flowers, ornamental plants and various horticultural plants as one of the small projects that could be a source of income for graduates, housewives and needy families in the Al Khurma community.

        The importance of nurseries was also defined, and the Taif rose was defined as a heritage aspect of the city of Taif, how it is manufactured, and the medical benefits of this type of rose. The exhibition was visited by faculty members, administrators and students of the college.