Diabetes from a physiological and chemical point of view

date of publication : 2023-01-29

The University College in Al-Khurma held an event entitled "Diabetes from the Physiological and Chemical Point of View" on Sunday, 1/22/2023 AD. The event was presented by Dr. Salah Jabr, Professor, Department of General Biology. The event was attended by the Dean of the College, Dr. Sami Ali Al-Damry and a large number of students and faculty members. The event aimed to introduce the types of diabetes with an explanation of the reasons for the occurrence of each type of diabetes.

The event also touched on explaining the analyzes related to diabetes, through which we determine the type of disease, the extent of the body's resistance to the hormone insulin, and the measurement of the percentage of the pancreas's efficiency in insulin secretion. The best ways to prevent diabetes and how to overcome it were also presented