The world of programming and its languages

date of publication : 2023-01-31

The University College in Al-Khurma held a symposium entitled "The World of Programming and Its Languages" on Saturday, 6/7/1444 AH, through the Skills platform. She presented the seminar. Dr.. Basma Al-Moncef Al-Waslati, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer, College.

      The symposium aimed to provide an explanation of the importance of learning programming to keep pace with digital developments in this era. How to learn programming and the learning opportunities available in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia were also presented. Where the most important areas of programming and the most famous programming languages ​​were clarified and the roadmap for testing the programming language suitable for its goal was explained

         The symposium concluded with presenting some tips and presenting the experiences of some graduate students with programming as part of their graduation projects. Male and female students were also encouraged to learn and do their best in this field. The symposium was attended by many faculty members and students.