Academic Development and Accreditation Committee


  • Vision:   Fulfilling the requirements and quality standards for academic accreditation to realize the university’s vision
  • Mission: Contributing to the advancement and sustained improvement of quality teaching, research and administration performance required for academic accreditation for Khurma University College Programmes.
  • Goals:
  1. Establishing a college-wide system for quality.
  2. Preparing the college to fulfill the requirements and standards for quality.
  3. Setting up and executing plans for academic accreditation.
  4. Preparing guidelines for the college’s academic departments and programmes to achieve quality and accreditation.
  5. Training the college’ faculty on institutionalized work and self-evaluation for quality assurance.
  6. Establishing and employing development plans for the college is learning process, research and community partnership.
  7. Supervising the periodic reviews of the college’s academic programmes and reporting progress to the dean and University Development Deanship. 
  8. Monitoring and reviewing the annual reports on self-evolution within the preset developments plan, procedures, and timeframe.
  9. Involving all college’s programmes (academic and non-academic) in the mechanisms of development and improvement, assessment and evaluation, analysis and inspection.
  10. Establishing a database for the college’s academic and administrative units which will help both the decision-making and learning process.
  11. Improving the college’s academic work within the university’s strategic framework.
  12.  Pursuing the achievement of academic accreditation for the college’s programmes both locally and internationally.