Food Science and Nutrition Program

The opening of the “Food Sciences and Nutrition” program at the University College in Al-Khurma, as an extension of the “Food Sciences and Nutrition” program at the College of Science, was approved on 6/9/1441 AH (in 2020 AD) by Resolution No. (3), as an extension of the Food and Nutrition Sciences program at the College of Science.
This program was established with a desire to achieve the needs and requirements of the labor market and in agreement with the Kingdom’s 2030 vision of the modern national strategy. To cover the shortage of qualified male and female graduates in this field.

Preparing highly qualified graduates in the field of food sciences and nutrition who are able to compete locally, regionally and internationally by keeping pace with scientific developments in specialized education programs at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. In addition to linking scientific research with the program to the problems of the surrounding community and its civil institutions, improving the nutritional status of individuals, serving the community, and maximizing the benefit from the capabilities available in the program, whether from faculty members, assistants, or research laboratories to develop scientific research and develop the spirit of one research team.

:the message
Prepare qualified graduates who are able to compete in the sciences related to food, nutrition and food processing. Developing and applying best practices to serve the community that are compatible with Islamic values, and improving existing food products, in addition to what he can innovate of new products to keep pace with global scientific developments in the field. In study programs and related research, in addition to raising awareness of the nutritional, health and environmental aspects of food manufacturing and its sciences, which aim to develop and serve the community.