· Creating an appropriate environment for motivating creativity and development.

·  Supervising and developing all the administrative, technical and service sectors of the university by using the best technology and modern administrative practices.

· Preparing graduates with competitive capabilities and Islamic values contribute in the renaissance of society.

·Strengthening the role of the university by keeping pace with electronic progress to service the beneficiaries and society.

· Conduct studies and prepare reports which support making decisions.

· Follow up projects  to raise the efficiency of the service provided and continuous improvement.

· Building effective communication bridges with all the sectors in female section and with the international and  local society.

· Encouraging and motivating the competitive spirit to develop the administrative and technical skills of the  university memberships.

· Supporting the talented and inventor students.

· Preparing the administrative leadership for enabling women to occupy the leadership positions which support the vision of 2030.

· Supervising all of the educational, research, financial and community services.

· Supporting and facilitating enabling students and employees to participate in all activities.

· Supervising the unit of students with disabilities  and identifying their needs, holding their responsibilities and development.

· Developing scientific and knowledge relations with the international and Arab universities to exchange experience and contract partnership.

· Creating efficiency scientific and academic university system.

· Developing the capabilities of the staff members by participating in conferences, symposiums and special training courses.