1-We congratulate the scientific team at the Faculty of Science for obtaining a patent number (6005), asking the Molly Almighty for their time of success and payment.

2-We congratulate Dr.Entiss Halabi, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Applied Arts and Arts, for her first position on the Women's Excellence Award for the Qassim Literary Club under the patronage of Riyad Bank at its third session in 2018 for presenting a research in the Women's Affairs section entitled "Saudi Women's Awareness of their Social and Economic Rights and its Reflection on Social Responsibilities "And wish her continued success and repayment.













3- We congratulate the University of Taif, the outcome of the centers won by the students of Taif University in the competitions of the first forum for intellectual security "digital citizenship" as follows:

Competition for outstanding scientific papers:

1 - Student Sally Nashak third place.

2 - Basma Al-Qurashi is fifth.












4- Students at the College of Pharmacy achieved third place in the best scientific poster at SIpHA2019, the largest gathering of pharmacists in the Kingdom.