Previous leaders

Dr. Eman Saad Al-Zahrani 2018 - 2020

She held the position of the agency's first female agent for Taif University for female students' affairs by decision of his Excellency the Minister of Education issued in Jumada. II 19, 1439AH. It lasted until Rab. I 3, 1442 AH where the royal order was issued by set her member of the Shura Council.

Personal data:

Name: Dr. Iman Saad Al-Zahrani

Specialty: Analytical Chemistry (University of Hull - UK)

Academic degree: Associate Professor

Administrative Positions and Degrees:

SpecializationAnalytical Chemistry (Hull University UK)

Educational DegreeAssociate Professor

Scientific degrees & administrative positions

The vice presidency for female students affairs in 2018

The British Fellowship in Higher Education 2018

The deanship of scientific research in 2014

 PhD in analysis chemistry from Hail University in Britain in 2013

 Diploma in total quality management in 2012

 Diploma in risk management in 2011

MA degre with honor in analysis chemistry and forensic medicine from Hail University in Britain in 2010

Bachelor degree in general chemistry in 2006

Diploma in computer in 2006

Scientific supervision:

A patent entitled 'Method and Device for Extracting Protein" in Saudi patent office. The main supervisor on a number of MA researches in chemistry department in the Preparation of monolithic compounds and nanoparticles and glass slides


Okaz innovation award in 2017

A patent entitled 'Method and Device for Extracting Protein in Saudi patent office in 2015

Industrial cities award the third place)in 2014

Getting the second place in the national competition of healthy innovation, the medical city of king Fahad, Riyadh in 2014

 Award of alsheikh Mohammed Sehim in research excellence 2014

Getting the Bronze medal for medical fields in 2013 from Riyadh International Conference Center

Getting the second place from the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation for technical innovation from Riyadh International Conference Center in 2013

Reward for the best scientific paper (the first placein the fifth international Saudi conference in Britain in 2011

Community Service:

A membership in the group of tall tree nation

Participation in a number of conferences in Saudi Arabia, England, Spain, Belgium, France, Malazia

Publishing more than 40 research papers in International scientific journals