Alumni Unit

Mission of the Alumni Unit 

Strengthening the relationship and cooperation between the college, its graduates, and labor market institutions in the health sector, and seeking to exchange knowledge and experiences with them

Vision of the Alumni Unit

For the Graduates Unit of the College of Applied Medical Sciences to become an effective and highly efficient unit that seeks to achieve the Kingdom's Vision 2030 and to be an example in universities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Objectives of the Alumni Unit of the College of Applied Medical Sciences

  1. Establishing databases on college graduates and employers and preparing a mechanism for communicating with them.
  2. Measuring the level of satisfaction of graduates and work institutions.
  3. Providing professional advice to graduates.
  4. Contribute to preparing graduates for the labor market by raising their efficiency and refining their skills through a set of distinguished training programs by studying the needs of graduates and the labor market.
  5. Organizing the Career Day to achieve effective communication between graduates and community institutions.
  6. Informing graduates of the latest developments in the academic and research aspects within the college.
  7. Inviting graduates to participate in research, attend and participate in the activities organized by the college and the university, which are represented in the following: exhibitions, seminars, public lectures, meetings and honoring outstanding graduates annually.
  8. Inviting distinguished graduates who have succeeded in practical life and presenting their success stories to their fellow graduates, as well as students who did not graduate from the university, in order to motivate them.

Unit Members

Dr. Moussa Sharaf,
Dr. Hajar A Alasmari,
Dr. Abdulmajeed A Almaleki,
Mr. Fahad M althagafi,
Mr. Abdulrahman A althobaiti,
Mss. Reem S Alqahtani,
Mss. Reem A AlThobaiti,
Mss. Ashwag M Ahmad,
Mss. Mashael S Alzaidy,