History of the College

    The Faculty of Education in Taif was established in 1400 H under the Royal Decree No. 115 of 27/5/1400 H. And was affiliated to King Abdul Aziz University, and then joined the University of Umm al-Qura under the Royal Decree No. (24178) on 27/10/1402 H. The scientific departments were formed under the name of the Faculty of Education. After the issuance of the Royal Decree establishing of Taif University, and in light of the directives of the Rector of the University to restructure the faculties and departments of the University, and insight of TU manager to consider the integration of some departments or open new departments or transfer from college to the other, and developing the scientific plans , then Supreme approval No. (14/35/1426) on 18/1/1426 e to approve the restructuring of colleges and departments of the University To become departments of the Faculty of Science as following:

Physics Department

Chemistry Department

Mathematics and Statistics department

Biology Department

Biotechnology Department

Food Science and Nutrition department