About Professional Development


The Kingdom's Vision 2030 in education includes many of the objectives that it seeks to achieve during this period, and improving the abilities and skills of the employees of education is one of the most important of these goals, the vision has been concerned with the need to harmonize the outputs of the educational system and the needs of the labor market. In light of the National Transformation Program 2020, improving the recruitment, qualification and training of teachers.
The university is one of the most important institutions of society in influencing the degree of progress in society, and the academic staff is a cornerstone of the university system, because of the important role it plays in the process of university education; therefore, academics and administrators must have many different competencies that make them able to Implementation and implementation of the new approach contained in Vision 2030, and therefore they need more continuous training to acquire these competencies.
Based on the Kingdom's Vision 2030 and to achieve the strategic objectives of education in the National Transformation Program 2020, Taif University has adopted the pattern of the educational university that works to equip and prepare the trained manpower efficiently, through professional development at the Deanship of University Development, where professional development oversees all training programs and programs. Professional development, both inside and outside the university, for all university staff, technical and administrative staff.

Areas of professional development adopted by the professional development of the Deanship:
Based on the comprehensive concept of professional development and the principles on which it is based, it includes the following areas:

  • Field of academic specialization (teaching).
  • Personal skills and commitment to ethics, behavior and attitudes modification.
  • Employment of contemporary technologies and communications in the educational / administrative field.
  • Field of research skills.
  • Development and self-evaluation.
  • The field of security and occupational safety for administrators.