Policies and Procedures of the Female Research Support Initiative

  An initiative to support female researchers and the approval of the organizing mechanisms and the consequent financial and research commitments was organized between the University Vice Presidency for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research represented by the Deanship of Scientific Research and the female researchers participating in this initiative, where the following was suggested:

  • The research project must include one of the approved research priorities of Taif University.
  • The scientific output required of the research project is a scientific paper published in a journal that falls in the classification of Web of Science and is classified within the classification indicators SSCI and SCIE.
  • The number of participants in the research project is only three researchers, all of whom belong to Taif University (main researcher and two co-researchers).
  • The duration of the research project is ten months.
  • The research project contract does not include any financial commitment clauses for consultants, technicians, or male/female students.
  • The computer services item budget shall be a maximum of four thousand riyals.
  • The budget for the administrative expenses item shall be a maximum of four thousand riyals.
  • The maximum financial commitment associated with the research projects of the Female Researchers Support Initiative is forty thousand riyals as a maximum.