Administration and Finance

Assistants and Participants :
  • In case of  Researcher Participant, kindly attached participant acceptance letter               ( Deanship Forms).
  • Do not repeat assistants and participants names in more than two searchers .
  • Receipt (ORIGINAL)  form must be attached with educational certificate . ( Deanship Forms).
When rent car is hired by researcher, all documents must be registered by researcher name .
  • A researcher must comply with Deanship's forms only.
  • For instrument and materials supplying form No (3) , receipt warehouse form must be attached with it .
  • Books form should be filled and delivered to university library .
  • Reports must be delivered to deanship in scheduled time , researchers will be responsible for delay.
  • Invoices must be Arabic and dated .
  • Desktop and laptop are not covered financially.
Notice: Please write full name and ID number in forms as it is in original ID.