Management Objectives

Management Objectives:


  1. Apply the principle of safety first to all university facilities and branches to achieve a safe university environment.

  2. Implementation of the University City project in SISED in a quality consistent with the vision of 2030 and its completion in record time.

  3. Maintain the needs of the operational buildings and ensure continuity of their full utilization.

  4. Maximize the use of available resources and rationalize expenses without compromising product quality.

  5. Application of Saudi specifications and standards for green projects and green buildings.

  6. Activating the role of community administration by raising awareness and training and spreading the culture of preservation of property.

  7. To achieve an attractive work environment, to raise the level of the employee and attract national talent.

  8. Maintain knowledge resources and expertise by documenting them and setting a mechanism for their participation through knowledge management.

  9. Raise the efficiency of human resources through training and participation in local and international activities with competence.