Preparation program for new faculty members and those returning from scholarship for 1445 AH

date of publication : 2023-09-13

Prof. Dr. Misfer bin Aida Al-Maliki the Head of the Intellectual Awareness Unit, He provided Program for preparing new and returning faculty members from Taif University employees for 1445 AH , in cooperation with the Deanship of University Development .

In the presence of His Excellency the University Vice President for Academic Affairs and Development, Prof. Dr. Faisal bin Abdullah Al-Maliki, on Monday 2.26.1445 AH, as the program is considered one of the most important programs organized by universities in the process of professional development for faculty members.

It aims to introduce faculty members to the organizational structure of the university, make them aware of rights and duties, and introduce them to the most important services that the university provides to its employees.

The program covered several topics, the most important of which was introducing the vision and mission of the university and the scholarship programs that enable them to contribute to the research process, in addition to talking about academic promotions, their conditions and controls.

His Excellency Prof. Dr. Misfer Al-Maliki introduced the unit, its objectives, and the role of the faculty member in enhancing intellectual awareness through several topics : surveying courses, the progress of the academic process, attending conferences, programs, and events, ensuring that research is free of intellectual violations, and the legal position.

His Excellency also touched on the importance of intellectual security and that achieving it protects society in general and youth in particular and protects them from the intrusive ideas that come to them.