A word from the head of the Intellectual Awareness Unit


Head of the Intellectual Awareness Unit

 Prof. Dr. Misfer Bin Eideh Al-Maliki
Email: m.malki@tu.edu.sa

The university is keen on promoting the principle of moderation and moderation, and combating intellectual deviation and extremism through its educational, teaching, guiding and research role.
From this standpoint, the Intellectual Awareness Unit, under the direction of His Excellency the President of the University , was keen to educate the university community about the seriousness of deviant and extremist intellectual trends, and to plan and prepare for awareness and preventive activities and programs that achieve the goals of intellectual awareness through specific strategies that contribute to spreading moderation, moderation and tolerance. And accepting the other.

And deepening loyalty to God and then to the leaders of this dear country, far from sites of division, extremism, and deviant and extremist intellectual currents.
In light of the above, the unit offers:

  • Approving policies, plans and advisory boards.
  •  Programs and events that achieve the mission and goals of the unit, in cooperation with all colleges, deanships and departments of the university.