Digital media and enhancing intellectual awareness

date of publication : 2023-10-03

Believing in the role of digital media and considering it an effective tool in building

society’s convictions and attitudes ,The Intellectual Awareness Unit was keen to present an awareness seminar entitled “Digital Media and Enhancing Intellectual Awareness” through a skills platform presented by Her Excellency Dr. Kholoud Al-Sufyani on Saturday, 3/15/1445 AH.

The symposium aimed to enhance the ability to analyze digital media content and determine the validity of information and its sources to improve the ability to make appropriate decisions in the digital world.

It addressed several topics, the most important of which was:

- Introducing the concept of intellectual awareness and digital media and their importance in the modern world.

- Ethical issues associated with digital media .

- Teaching children and youth safe use of social media .

The symposium received a large attendance and positive interaction from university employees.