Promoting the values of tolerance and respect

date of publication : 2023-11-28

As an extension of the series of activities on the International Day for Tolerance, the Intellectual Awareness Unit presented a dialogue session entitled (Promoting the Values ​​of Tolerance and Respect) sponsored by the General Supervisor of the Female Student Affairs, Her Excellency Dr. Abeer bint Hassan Al-Obaidi, on Thursday, 5/2/1445 AH, in the university theater in the female students’ section.

Her Excellency opened the dialogue session, speaking about human values, which are considered a basic pillar of civilizational progress, and consolidating the values ​​of tolerance to achieve a peaceful life, and respect for others.

Her Excellency Dr. Maryam Al-Harthy discussed the concept of tolerance and its importance, and cited the noble verses that linked forgiveness, pardon, and reward, and that tolerance is a prophetic creation, and the Messenger gave us the greatest examples.

She also touched on historical stories and examples of tolerance and forgiveness when possible for immortal historical figures, and concluded her talk with the health, psychological, and social dimensions of the effects of tolerance on the soul, physical health, and the stability of social relations.

In conclusion, the audience was enriched with valuable interventions that included opinions on the concept of tolerance, and special experiences were presented.

The role of the unit of intellectual awareness comes in promoting these noble values ​​in society, as they are essential values ​​in relationships and acceptance of others. To achieve peaceful coexistence between individuals and communities.