The efforts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to enhance intellectual and cultural security

date of publication : 2024-03-14

On Thursday, 8/26/1445 AH, The Intellectual Awareness Unit conducted a lecture via the Maharat platform its entitled The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Efforts to Promote Intellectual and Cultural Security. It targeted all university employees.

The lecture included several topics presented by Her Excellency Dr. Mastoura Al-Orabi, the most important of which were:

- Raising the level of awareness among attendees regarding intellectual and cultural security.

- Proposing national models and scientific and cultural achievements to highlight the efforts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in this aspect.

Urging attendees to undertake distinct initiatives that serve national cohesion and activate the research and applied role.

His Excellency the Head of the Unit, Dr. Abdullah bin Abdulaziz bin Humaid, concluded the lecture by thanking God Almighty for his countless blessings, including the blessing of security and stability that we experience in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under our wise leadership.