The objectives were categorized into two axes:

First (Academic Objectives):

1. Promoting and developing scientific thought in order to develop the practical implementation of academic guidance.

2. Reaching the highest standards of academic communication and exchanging expertise in the field of academic guidance.

3. Exchanging academic work between the Society and its counterparts abroad.

4. Offering consultation and holding the studies and programs required to promote the performance of establishments and commissions concerned with academic guidance.

5. Issuing an academic, refereed journal to publish research and studies in the field of guidance, and providing a database for accomplished research and specialized researchers, documenting the extent to which they are interested in this field.

Second (Professional and Training Objectives):

1. Developing the academic, professional and guidance performance of faculty members in Saudi universities.

2. Enhancing awareness in academic guidance and its aspects using all modern means of communication.

3. Honing the specialized guidance skills of those working in the field of academic guidance through holding academic seminars and conferences, and participating in seminars and conferences held in this regard inside or outside the University.

4. Enhancing the performance of guides in Saudi universities through training programs and academic courses regarding guidance.

The Activities of the Society:

The Saudi Society for Academic Guidance realizes its objectives through the following activities:

1. Encouraging research and consultation in the field of academic guidance and all other fields of knowledge related to it, and publishing, distributing and exchanging the results of these research papers with concerned parties.

2. Writing, publishing and translating books on academic guidance and other fields related to it.

3. Carrying out research and studies that develop the applied practice of academic guidance and other fields related to it.

4. Holding conferences, seminars, lectures, study circles, training courses and workshops, related to academic guidance and other fields related to it.

5. Issuing journals, pamphlets and periodicals in the field of academic guidance and other fields related to it.

6. Participating in local and global conferences and exhibitions.

7. Inviting the scientists and thinkers concerned to participate in the activities of the Society according to the procedures organizing this matter.

8. Organizing academic trips and competitions in the field of academic guidance and other fields related to it.