Address by the Director of the General Department of University Security

The safety and safety of university-goers and their affiliates is an essential pillar that cannot be dispensed with, providing a safe environment using modern sophisticated equipment and attracting the best security expertise.

The university security system occupies a very prominent and important position, as it is an important indicator of the quality of administrative and academic work, as witnessed by His Excellency the President of the University, may God protect him, and the evolution that has taken place in an upward and remarkable manner in the past period at the internal and external levels of security guards in both parts of the male and female students. where the most important are the protection of life, property, environment, leadership, direction, guidance and rule-making, And spreading preventive awareness, so it's one of the most important departments as we need it. We do not forget that we derive this evolution from our leader, His Excellency the Director of the University, and support this administration with all those who need it.

University security systems within the university include monitoring the level of supervisory services as well as security measures to fully protect the buildings, their employees, and male and female students.

These days, the University Security Administration is taking successful and modern steps to support and modernize the security systems within the university and its affiliated headquarters in the male and female sections. We ask God Almighty for success and continued success,,,,