Tasks of the Unit of Tests and measurements

Tasks of the Unit of Tests and measurements:

1- Follow up the application of the technical regulations for design and quality of tests and the application of regulations and rules.

2 - Follow-up the completion of the form of assessment of the test paper in colleges.

3 - Follow up the progress of tests in the colleges. In addition, writing a report to the supervisor of measurement and evaluation administration.

4 – Analyzing   of the test paper and writing reports.

5- Preparing a report on the progress of the periodic and final tests and their results for all the courses offered by the colleges in each semester.

6 - Organizing orientations and workshops of tests for faculty members.

7. Coordinating with the faculties sub-units with regard to computerized tests and applying them in the faculties.

8- Analyzing the results of the tests.  In addition, extracting their reports and submitting them to the decision makers.