About Program

The renewable energy has become part of the economic diversification plans in the Vision 2030 of Saudi Arabia. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is well known for its expertise in the field of renewable energy and aspires to develop a competitive sector leading to the economic stability. Accordingly, the Kingdom has launched National Renewable Energy Program to diversify energy resources. The launch of this program has boosted the kingdom's energy sector and is being utilized to meet the growing demand for electricity. In addition, the availability and diversification of renewable energy resources and the increase in their efficiency will contribute in reducing the environmental pollution. This is necessary step for the Kingdom leading role in the field of renewable energy while maintaining its leading role globally as a reliable source of energy.

The current renewable and sustainable energy program is introduced at the College of Engineering, Taif University to meet the requirements of growth and evolution incorporated in ascertained development plans in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The program goals, plans, and conditions are qualified in order to enrich the community from the scientific aspects and to contribute to the proposal of appropriate solutions to problems executing development plans may face. College of engineering at Taif University is contributing to train graduates to meet the challenges in the field of renewable energy sector and its applications. Graduates will be able to play an outstanding role that can lead the development process in renewable and sustainable energy.