Basic scientific tracks:

The program includes two independent tracks:
  1. The engineering track includes the graduates of the colleges of engineering and technical colleges in accordance with the curricula in the study plan (1). The corresponding specialized sub-tracks are: Solar energy , Wind energy, Energy efficiency and Economics and management of renewable energy projects.
  2. The scientific track includes graduates from the physics department of the colleges of Science according to the curricula in the study plan (2). Renewable Energy Science and Technology is the only corresponding specialized sub-track.

Elective courses:

The Program Directors Board decides the program tracks. Usually, an elective course opening is decided based on the number of students registering the course. If the minimum number of students is not attained for a specific elective course, then special criteria are applied for opening the course.

Research and technical workshops:

In order to boost the skills of the students, special workshops will be organized as part of the course in partnership with national and international experts in the field of renewable energy. To encourage students’ active participation, certificates of attendance will also be provided.

General notes:

  • The scientific track will be determined from the third level of the program based on the specialization of the graduate as well as topics of the research project in parts 1 and 2.
  • Program Board Directors decides the list of elective courses. After the approval from the research project supervisor, graduates can register any elective course from the optional courses list.
  • For the successful completion of the program, the student has to submit parts 1 and 2 of the research project along with a visual presentation of the project.