Civil Engineering at Taif University

The Civil Engineering Program (CEP) started with the establishment of the Civil Engineering Department of the College of Engineering at Taif  University (TU) in 1430 H. 2009. CEP has 26 members of distinguished academic staff in the department. The department has more than 350 undergraduate students, and offers undergraduate courses in Civil Engineering. The degree offered by Civil Engineering Program is called Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. The program initiated the processes for ABET accreditation on 2011. The first ABET review was conducted in November 2015, revealing an ABET accreditation for the first version of the curriculum of the CEP.  The second cycle of ABET accreditation for CEP was achieved on November 2018, based on the revised study plan (the second version of study plans of CEP). It should be pointed that CEP is currently, applying for the national accreditation NCAAA.


As a persistent continuous improvement policy, the program goes through a review every five years and recommendations of all the constituencies are considered. In 2012, the program was revised to include a university-wide preparatory year program. This version of the curriculum is being modernized based on a review of curricula from leading international universities and the ASCE standards. This leads to the third version of our curriculum which started on the academic year 2017-2018.

The range of our undergraduate program covers all areas of civil, with particular focus on the specialized needs through three different tracks during the last year. Our aim is to prepare our students to excel in all important areas of our profession, such as structural, water, environmental, surveying, highways, railways, transportation and traffic engineering fields.

Each and every one of our students is important to us. Our target is that our graduates will be able to have high regard in the industry and be able to find rewarding jobs in various engineering construction companies, consultancy offices and engineering administrations in different governmental affairs. For this target to be achieved, CEP’s experienced and dedicated academic staff is committed to providing students with the required knowledge and skills.