Selected Publications

Waqar, A.; Othman, I.; Almujibah, H.; Khan, M.B.; Alotaibi, S.; Elhassan, A.A.M. “Factors Influencing Adoption of Digital Twin Advanced Technologies for Smart City Development: Evidence from Malaysia”, Buildings 2023, 13, 775. buildings13030775.

Adil A.M. Elhassan , Mohammed Mnzool , Hichem Smaoui , Abir Jendoubi , Bushra M.E. Elnaim, Maged Faihan Alotaibi “Effect of clay mineral content on soil strength parameters” Alexandria Engineering Journal

Muhammad Yousuf Jat Baloch  , Wenjing Zhang , Baig Abdullah Al Shoumik , Anam Nigar, Adil A. M. Elhassan , Ali. E. A. Elshekh, Maaz Osman Bashir, Ahmed Fathi Mohamed Salih Ebrahim , Khalaf alla Adam Mohamed  and Javed Iqbal “Hydrogeochemical Mechanism Associated with Land Use Land Cover Indices Using Geospatial, Remote Sensing Techniques, and Health Risks Model " Sustainability Journal 2022, 14, 16768. Received: 16 November 2022 / Revised: 29 November 2022 / Accepted: 9 December 2022 / Published: 14 December 2022.

Hamad Almujibah; Afaq Khattak; Saleh Alotaibi; Raed Alahmdi; Adil Elhassan; Abdullah H. Alshahri; Caroline Mongina Matara

acceptance for the manuscript (sustainability-2193132) titled: Two-Level-Full-Factorial Design Approach for the Analysis of Multi-Lane Highway Section under Saturated and Unsaturated Traffic Flow Conditions, sustainability 2023, 15, 9194.

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Compaction Effort for Uniform Laboratory-Prepared Cohesionless Soil Bed - Shaft Resistance of Displacement Piles in Over consolidated Cohesionless Soils - Flexural response and load capacity of reinforced concrete beams strengthened with reinforced mortar layer - Performance of plain concrete and cement blocks with cement partially replaced by cement kiln dust.

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Hua Zhang, Zhenyu Wu, Qingliang Shi, Awais Khan, Saeed Rad, Asfandyar Shahab, Habib Ullah, Enas Ali, Ahmed A. Arafat, Honghu Zeng, Liudan Luo, “Fabrication and characterization of magnetic eucalyptus carbon for efficient Cr(VI) removal in aqueous solution and its mechanisms”, Arabian Journal of Chemistry (2023), doi: