The launch of tests of abilities and physical fitness for admission to the Department of Sports Sciences for the academic year 1443/1442 AH

date of publication : 2021-08-02

Tomorrow, the tests for the admission of male and female students to the Department of Sports Sciences will start from next Monday, corresponding to 12/23/1442, for two consecutive days. The tests for the male section will be held in the building of the College of Education in Al-Faisaliah neighbourhood at exactly 3:00 P.M  in the afternoon, and for the female students in Al-Hawiyah, the female section in the building (20) at eight in the morning.

Instructions for taking the test:

1. Show Tawakkalna application when entering the university headquarters

2. Wear a mask and adhere to physical distancing according to the instructions specified for you by the department

3. Bring the original national ID for checking identity

4. Adhere to wearing full sports uniform for male and female students (sports T-shirt - sports pants - sports shoes - sports shorts are required for the Body Examination Test)

5. Violation of the department and university instructions concerning the applied precautionary measures and guidelines, will lead to the exclusion of the student who violated them from the test permanently.

 The test will include the following:

6. The personal interview test: The purpose of it is to show the student's abilities in (speech - hearing - voice - appearance - information - attitudes).

7. Body Examination Test: Its purpose is to ensure the conformity between height and weight in accordance with scientific criteria taken into account by the Body Examination Committee, as well as to ensure the absence of various physiological disorders. 

8. Abilities and Physical Fitness Test: Its purpose is to measure the student's physical fitness (Speed - Muscular Strength and Endurance - Physical Agility - Ability - Flexibility - Cardio-respiratory Endurance).