Program Stakeholders

The stakeholders of the Mechanical Engineering Program are significant, and actively involved, in the development and revision of the Program objectives and outcome assessment. The program constituencies are the following:

Program students: They are the primary input to the program in which students of different levels of the program are represented in the Student Advisory Board (SAB) and the graduating students.  It is expected that students become technically qualified, marketable, and productive engineers upon graduation. In addition, the department created a student advisory board where students of different levels of the program are represented

Program faculty: Faculty consists of members of the Program teaching staff who are responsible for meeting the program outcomes and objectives during the teaching process.

Program alumni: This group includes students who have earned B.Sc. degrees from the Mechanical Engineering Program and are currently working in various professions.

National and regional employers of Mechanical engineering professionals. Those employers range from public to private sectors and from small to large organizations.

External Advisory Board (EAB): This board is established and updated annually by the Head of the Mechanical  Engineering Department in coordination with the Academic Program Committee (APC).


Feedbacks are collected every year from different stakeholders where these feedbacks are considered in the action plans for the continuous improvement of the program,