Selected Publications

List of Selected publications (One Paper for each Faculty only)

Al-Badrawy A. Abo-Al-Nasr, Abdulaziz H Alghtani, and Ageel F. Alogla, Engineering Design in New ABET Engineering Criteria: Understanding, Implementation and Assessment, Inter Journal of Engineering Research & Technology (IJERT), Vol. 11, Issue 2, Feb. (2022), pp. 495-501

Hafiz T Ali et al, Synthesis and characterizations of nickel doped Co-Zn-Y ferrites. Journal of Ovonic Research, Vol.19, Issue 1, Feb (2023), pp. 65-72

Bahaa Saleh, Fadl A. Essa, Zakaria M. Omara, Mohamed H. Ahmed, Mahmoud S. El-Sebaey , Mogaji Taye Stephen, Lingala Syam Sundar, Mohammed A. Qasim, Eskilla Venkata Ramana , Sengottiyan Shanmugan,  and Ammar H. Elsheikh "Using Direct Solar Energy Conversion in Distillation via Evacuated Solar Tube with and without Nanomaterials" Processes , 11 (6), 1734, 2023.

Alshamrani, A., & Murphy, D. W. (2023). Fragmentation of chemically herded oil slicks by multiple obstacles. Cold Regions Science and Technology, 211, 103852.

Alsehli, Mishal, Mussad Alzahrani, and Jun-Ki Choi. "A novel design for solar integrated multi-effect distillation driven by sensible heat and alternate storage tanks." Desalination 468 (2019): 114061.

Ayman A. Aly, B. Saleh, Awad M. Aljuaid, Ageel F. Alogla, Mosleh M. Alharthi, Mass Flow Rate Assessment in Capillary Tubes of Refrigeration Cycle Powered by Solar Energy Using Back Propagation Artificial Neural Network, International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology, V12, N7, 965-976, 2019.

Alotaibi, A. M., Anwar, S., Terry Loghmani, M., & Chien, S. (2017). Force sensing for an instrument-assisted soft tissue manipulation device. Journal of Medical Devices, 11(3), 031012.

Balabel, M. s. Alosaimi, M. S. Alrehaili, A. O. Alharbi, M. M, Alshareef and H. Alharbi, Potential of solar hydrogen production by water electrolysis in the NEOM green city of Saudi Arabia, World Journal of Advanced Engineering Technology and Sciences, 2023, 08(01), 029-052., Article DOI: 10.30574/wjaets.2023.8.1.0133

Mahmoud Saber Youssef “The Roles of Different Committees in ABET Accreditation Process for Engineering Programs”, International Journal of Engineering Education, Vol. 4 (1), pp. 8-16, 2022.